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Salt Bath Equipment

Kolene® has been engineering molten salt bath equipment for nearly 75 years.   Our position as an integrated process supplier allows us to optimize the relationship between process chemistry and process equipment.

All of our systems are application specific.  We take into consideration all of the design elements during engineering:  component size, weight, required throughput, byproduct collection and removal, handling systems, etc.  This results in robust process equipment that performs as promised and is easy to maintain.

Salt baths can range from small units with a workzone of about 3 foot x 3 foot x 3 foot, to very large systems that may have a workzone length of 50 feet or more.  Configurations include batch-type process lines and also in-line systems that are incorporated into continuous production lines.

In addition to the base salt bath furnace, our lines commonly incorporate water rinse tanks, byproduct removal stations, acid pickling tanks, and other secondary process stations as required by your application.

Kolene maintains a well-stocked warehouse of replacement parts for Kolene® process equipment. Immersion burner tubes, flame rods, igniters, agitator assemblies and props are just a few of the parts on-hand. For those parts that are not in stock, we can arrange drop-shipment to your plant.

We also offer a variety of technical services to diagnose and maintain process equipment.  Read more at Field Services

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